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Election 2022

Al Siebring 'open to considering work anywhere my services are needed'

North Cowichan is within its rights to not publicly release details of a standards-of-conduct complaint against former councillor Joyce Behnsen, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has ruled.

‘Guiding light’ to family, friends, clients banned 25 years by BC Securities Commission

Failed mayoral candidate John Koury received a high $20,961.00 in contributions in the 2022 municipal election campaign in North Cowichan, Elections BC data shows.

Mailing of 14,921 cards may have had ‘large impact in the Cowichan area’

Debra Toporowski — a member of Cowichan Tribes — has the potential to cast a decisive vote on a split North Cowichan council..

It’s been an ugly political campaign these last several weeks in the race for a seat on North Cowichan council — with the future direction of the municipality at stake.

A mayoral candidate in North Cowichan is pushing to begin logging the Six Mountains within 90 days of being elected.

Biodiversity, water quality, viewscapes, climate change cited

No candidates are anti-development; it’s a question of where and what type

One seldom gets clarity at all-candidates meetings where those seeking public office put their best foot forward, soft pedal their failings, and typically avoid acknowledgement of any hard-line positions that might alienate voters.

Carbon credits: ‘a lot of buyers would be willing to pay higher prices’

Mayor Al Siebring says he was accused of being ‘stooge’ for global interests

Charles Borg calls supporters of covid vaccine mandates ‘bad apples’ in on-line interview

Kate Marsh cites “need for consistency on handling breaches of Standards of Conduct Policy’

“Despite what some people like (mayor) Al Siebring say...”

“I actually don't believe political parties should play a role in local elections:” Rosalie Sawrie

“Organizations cannot raise money and use it to campaign for local candidates.”

North Cowichan council on Wednesday voted 5-1 to approve a new Official Community Plan.

North Cowichan mayor unable to keep speakers ‘on topic’ at public hearing

‘Today is a milestone’ says planning director after three years of work

North Cowichan public hearing into critical planning document set for next week

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