Indigenous people know the Columbia River as the Great River—Nch’i-Wana in the Sahaptin language of American tribes who have occupied its basin for millennia in Washington and Oregon states.

Development around wetlands also a concern

And the sexist joke that just won’t go away

North Cowichan will take no further action after review

Municipal review of sexist joke continues

A sexist Facebook post by North Cowichan deputy mayor and councillor Tek Manhas is under “review” by the municipality. 

'I should have attributed it,’ says Al Siebring 

Educational signs may be posted

Second in an occasional series on the Six Mountains

First in an occasional series on the Six Mountains

The BC Ministry of Environment has issued a “non-compliance advisory letter” for several violations related to a municipal sewage-treatment plant that empties into the Cowichan River, a review by sixmountains.ca of provincial enforcement and compliance files reveals.

Cost and environmental factors cited

Latest in an occasional series on the Six Mountains

I drove to the top of Mount Prevost this past sunny weekend. The place bustled with sightseers, mountain bikers, hikers, and motorcycle/ATV enthusiasts.

It’s just one tree that lived long ago, but its story still resonates, and has the capacity to make us remember how things used to be and how they might yet be in the future.

One of the world’s great mountaineers, Pat Morrow, visited North Cowichan last weekend — and he had a few words to say about the grassroots campaign to save the Six Mountains from logging.