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North Cowichan looks into sexist social-media post by deputy mayor

A sexist Facebook post by North Cowichan deputy mayor and councillor Tek Manhas is under “review” by the municipality. 


The post depicts an elderly man holding a cigarette and can of beer and commenting: “When your woman is acting up just tell her ‘less bitchen’ more kitchen.’ 


“Women love it when you rhyme.”


In response, Chief Administrative Officer Ted Swabey told sixmountains.ca: “We are reviewing this information against any applicable District policies and will take the appropriate action based on this review.”


What that action might entail remains to be seen.


Former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori resigned in February as president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee after saying women talk too much at meetings.


Manhas made the post June 30, 2020, on his personal Facebook page. It was still there at the time this article was published.


An accountant, Manhas was elected to a four-year term as councillor in 2018. The municipal website lists him as deputy mayor through June 30, 2021.


He has not responded to an email request for comment.


 — Larry Pynn Mar. 27, 2021

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