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Sexist joke posted by Councillor Manhas not consistent with ‘respectful workplace’

North Cowichan will take no further action after review

A sexist joke posted by Councillor Tek Manhas “is not in alignment with Council’s strategic values related to inclusion and a respectful workplace,” but won’t result in further action, North Cowichan announced Friday.


Chief Administrative Officer Ted Swabey said in an email that the municipality’s lawyers have concluded their review and determined that the post “was not a violation to Council’s Code of Conduct.”


Swabey added: “Councillor Manhas has apologized and removed the post from his Facebook page and recognizes that a post of this nature does not meet the standard Council is aspiring to, related to its workplace. 


“This matter was reviewed by Council and the matter has been concluded.”


Manhas apologized on March 30 for the sexist joke that sat on his Facebook site for about nine months.


“Last June I shared a post from somebody that at the time I thought was funny,” he wrote. “However upon further self reflection and comments from the public I have taken down the post. I sincerely apologize for any negative effects or harm this may have caused to many people.”


The meme depicted an elderly man holding a cigarette and can of beer and commenting: “When your woman is acting up just tell her ‘“less bitchen’ more kitchen.’


“Women love it when you rhyme.”


— Larry Pynn April 9, 2021