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North Cowichan ‘freedom’ candidate says municipal councils are first step in taking back Canada

Charles Borg calls supporters of covid vaccine mandates ‘bad apples’ in on-line interview

Charles Borg — a ‘freedom’ supporter and North Cowichan council election candidate — says municipal governments are the first step in taking back Canada.

In an on-line interview with Jeff Evely of Veterans 4 Freedom, Borg says: “We must take back our councils, then we’ll take back our legislator (sic), then we’ll take back the House of Commons — the Parliament building in Ottawa.”

Borg says he is receiving support for his campaign platform. “But there are those one bad apples out there who I talk to who push back and say: ‘No, I’m pro-mandate. I think you’re out there infecting people, putting people in harm’s way.’”

Borg says that due to his opposition to covid-vaccine mandates, he was released from the Canadian Armed Forces in July 2022.

“I studied the Russian language and literature in university. I was educated on the atrocities of communism and fascism. So, I knew right off the bat that I would not submit to this sort of ideology."

Borg also says in the interview that he wants to raise awareness of middle-class issues such as affordable housing, entrepreneurship, and costs and delays at municipal hall, including for building permits.

He also expresses concern about the public education system. “Especially here in British Columbia, we’re kind of site zero for the wokeness that’s going on in our schools.

“We’re seeing sexualization of our children, with some of the homework that’s being handed out and some of the lectures that have been taking place….

“It’s within the council, as well. You can look at environmental policies, energy policies. It just needs to be stopped.” (Asked about the ‘bad apples’ comment, Borg told on Monday that anyone who bullies or harasses others due to their personal beliefs is a bad apple. “I believe all Canadians…should have their individuality and freedoms respected.”)

Meanwhile, an unofficial slate for North Cowichan council, United Independents, includes UBC professor Chris Shaw, who was a leading critic of the 2010 Olympics and wrote the book, Five Ring Circus: Myths and Realties of the Olympic Games. Shaw also recently wrote the book, Dispatches From the Vaccine Wars: Fighting for Human Freedom During the Great Reset, with a foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Read more about United Independents:

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— Larry Pynn, Sept. 26, 2022


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