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Explore the most recent news updates on logging in our municipal forest

Public engagement into future management of our forests is under the microscope

The Six Mountains fall within the most endangered ‘landscape’ in BC

North Cowichan stands to earn as much or more by leaving our trees standing than by logging

North Cowichan is undertaking a separate consultation process with Indigenous people

2024 - provincial
2022 - municipal

Exploring the Cowichan Valley’s rich and colorful history.

North Cowichan’s old-growth forests have been logged out. Is there a political will to bring them back?

The legacy is raw-log exports, few jobs, minimal profits

Closed meetings, lack of transparency define the workings of this assembly

Protection of viewscapes for residents and tourists alike should take priority over clearcutting

Exclusive drone video revealing the Six Mountains

And now for something completely different.

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