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Cowichan Works under review by Elections BC

“Organizations cannot raise money and use it to campaign for local candidates.”

Elections BC says it is conducting a review of Cowichan Works’ fund-raising activities to ensure compliance with applicable municipal election rules.

“Organizations cannot raise money and use it to campaign for local candidates,” Andrew Watson, director of communications for Elections BC, said Thursday.

“This would be a prohibited campaign contribution from an organization. Organizations can provide services to candidates at market rates. They cannot provide services for free or at a discount (as this would be a prohibited in-kind contribution from an organization).

“If an organization provides services to a local candidate, this would be reported as an expense on the candidate’s election financing report.”

Watson added: “We are reviewing Cowichan Works’ activities and communications to ensure compliance with these rules and the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. We are unable to provide further information while our review is ongoing.”

On its website, Cowichan Works states: "Contributions made through Cowichan Works to support election planning & development do not need to be disclosed, while contributions made directly to a candidate must be fully disclosed."

Cowichan Works also says it is “identifying and encouraging quality candidates who align with our values and share our vision to run for election.” It is also committed to creating “media campaigns” in print, radio and social media.

Brian Danyliw is president of Cowichan Works, which, in part, has said it is “dedicated to protecting personal land rights….”

Danyliw has so far not responded to a request for comment.

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— Larry Pynn, Sept. 9, 2022


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