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Drone video reveals ice-encrusted Christie Falls on Bush Creek

It’s fascinating to watch the natural elements reshape the forests of the Cowichan Valley.

First come the colours of autumn, followed by heavy rains that transform dry creek beds into formidable streams, and finally the biting embrace of winter.

For some, this is a time to hunker down and stay warm inside. But for others, it can be a time of opportunity, a chance to see our forests in remarkably different ways.

Recent weather conditions got me thinking about how the cold snap might have transformed the waterfalls around us.

I got my answer Tuesday afternoon at Christie Falls, on Bush Creek, not far from the Trans Canada Trail near Ladysmith. The falls had become virtually encased in ice, creating a fantastic natural sculpture.

Whenever I walk into the forest, I see something different. The changing seasons make the experience all the better.

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— Larry Pynn, Jan. 17, 2024


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