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North Cowichan Chief Administrative Officer tops out at $200,000-plus

Chief Administrative Officer Ted Swabey earned $195,949 plus $9,870 in expenses — highest in the Municipality of North Cowichan — last year, according to the 2019 Statement of Financial Information.

Swabey joined North Cowichan in 2017 after serving as top bureaucrat in Maple Ridge and Nanaimo.


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Next in line, Mark Frame, General Manager, Financial and Protective Services, $183,935 plus $4,075 in expenses while Ernie Mansueti, General Manager of Community Services who has since retired, received $182,597 plus $4,647 in expenses.

A total of 25 North Cowichan employees earned more than $100,000 last year.

Among elected officials, Mayor Al Siebring received $79,956 plus $11,336 in expenses in 2019. Councillor salaries maxed out at $30,990.

Debra Toporowski claimed the highest expenses among councillors at $11,120 and Rob Douglas the lowest at $4,314.

Only Siebring and Toporowski attended the Federation of Canadian Municipalities convention in Quebec City last year. All council members attended the Union of BC Municipalities convention in Vancouver for varying lengths of time, but all stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotel at a cost of $363.08 per night.

While on business, councillors are entitled to $30 for dinner, $20 per lunch, $15 per breakfast, plus parking, incidentals and mileage at 50 cents per kilometre.

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Larry Pynn, Dec. 5, 2020

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