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Four council candidates believe Official Community Plan influenced by United Nations

One seldom gets clarity at all-candidates meetings where those seeking public office put their best foot forward, soft pedal their failings, and typically avoid acknowledgement of any hard-line positions that might alienate voters.

But there was no opaqueness at Saturday’s meeting in Maple Bay when council candidates were asked if they answered yes to the following question:

Do you believe the new Official Community Plan of North Cowichan was influenced by the World Economic Forum and/or the United Nations?


Four stood up: Charles Borg and three members of the United Independents — an unofficial slate that includes Adrienne Richards, Chris Shaw and Joseph Enslow. ( )

Borg argued that the OCP is built on a framework of values — including ecology, the climate emergency, social justice and equity — that do not reflect leading middle-class concerns.

Later, when candidates were allowed to present their positions at greater length, Enslow ramped up the rhetoric, leaving little doubt about his views.

“We don’t need to cancel cars” and switch to “scooters to do our part for Mother Earth.”

On the issue of subsidies for affordable family housing: “Could you imagine our ad campaign? ‘Move to North Cowichan and enjoy affordable rent in the projects?’”

He added: “If it seems inappropriate to talk about drugs for sex workers in a public forum like this, then it’s certainly not okay to have our children walk about it on the way to school.”

Enslow also addressed the forest issue, saying “hundreds of families are supported directly and indirectly by utilizing our resources” — misleading, in the extreme, if he is talking about the 5,000-hectare Municipal Forest Reserve rather than logging generally across the province.

For details:

Council later this week will receive a report from UBC outlining four management scenarios for the forest reserve, with carbon credits increasing in value:

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(Standing: Chris Shaw, left, Joseph Enslow right)

— Larry Pynn, Oct. 2/2022


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