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Pro-development candidates received biggest donations in 2022 election campaign

Failed mayoral candidate John Koury received a high $20,961.00 in contributions in the 2022 municipal election campaign in North Cowichan, Elections BC data shows.

That compares with $16,337.32 in donations received by Rob Douglas — who won the mayoralty last Oct. 15 — and $13,849.80 for Rosalie Sawrie, the one-term councillor who finished last among the three seeking the mayor’s chair.

Koury, a right-of-centre candidate supported by the development/business community, also lost in a bid for the mayoralty in 2014 and for council in 2018.

The maximum allowable campaign contribution in 2022 was $1,250.00.

Here’s a breakdown of campaign contributions for the six candidates successfully elected as councillors, along with how they finished in the voting:

-— Bruce Findlay: $13,326.81 (fifth)

— Tek Manhas: $10,500.50 (second)

— Christopher Justice: $4,100.00 (fourth)

— Mike Caljouw: $2,820.00 (first)

— Debra Toporowski: $2,038.86 (third)

— Chris Istace: $435.00 (sixth)

Findlay and Manhas also campaigned on a pro-development platform.

Cowichan Works (chaired by Brian Danyliw, a realtor) received a $750 fine from Elections BC for violating the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

"The penalty against Cowichan Works is the largest penalty issued to date for the 2022 General Local Elections,” said Elections BC.

(Photo: John Koury)

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— Larry Pynn, Feb. 8, 2023


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