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EXCLUSIVE: Motorsport owner seeks to appeal expansion refusal to Supreme Court of Canada

The lengthy battle over expansion of Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is not over.

North Cowichan told today that “VIMC has confirmed they are applying for leave to the Supreme Court of Canada.”

In a ruling last November, the BC Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the Municipality’s decision to deny a development permit for expansion of the motorsport track — and awarded costs to the Municipality.

North Cowichan had anticipated no legal expenses as a result of that ruling, but now that remains an open question.

The Supreme Court of Canada says it receives as many as 600 applications for leave to appeal each year and grants only about 80.

North Cowichan had appealed a BC Supreme Court ruling to reconsider its decision.
After a lengthy public hearing process, council voted 5-2 in October 2019 against allowing expansion of the Highway 18 motorsport operation — with Mayor Al Siebring and Councillor Tek Manhas in favour.

Then, Siebring ordered a second public hearing, warning that taxpayers needed to know they could be on the hook for tens of million of dollars if Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit took legal action.

After a second public hearing, council in December 2019 voted 6-1 against expansion after Siebring changed his vote, leaving only Manhas in favour.

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— Larry Pynn, Jan. 12, 2022


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