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Ex-mayor of North Cowichan now a municipal consultant

Al Siebring 'open to considering work anywhere my services are needed'

North Cowichan former Mayor Al Siebring has hung out his shingle as a consultant on municipal issues.

“Almost everyone who gets into the governance consultancy business comes from either the ‘staff’ or ‘academic' side of the table,” he writes on his website,

“And that's what makes me different. After almost 15 years in elected office, I can identify with elected officials in ways that many of these other consultants simply can’t.”

He continues: “I’ve chaired raucous public hearings with hundreds of angry people. (Actually had to call in the RCMP once.) I've struggled with conflicting public expectations on controversial files.

"I understand that in governance, you sometimes (often?) have to make decisions which are going to alienate some people, and make others happy. I've actually lost friendships over votes taken at a Council table.”

A former radio journalist and president of the BC Conservative Party, Siebring served 14 years on council, the last four as mayor after defeating incumbent Jon Lefebure by 10 votes.

Siebring chose not to seek re-election on Oct. 15, 2022, instead selling his Chemainus home and moving to Alberta, south of Edmonton. He has three grown children and 11 grandchildren.

“I’m based in Alberta – moved here to be closer to my grandchildren – but most of my governance experience is in British Columbia; as such, most of my consultancy work is focused there,” he writes.

“But the principles of good governance are universal. As such, I’m open to considering work anywhere my services are needed.”

Siebring does not post his rates, but says: “It doesn’t seem fair to charge the same hourly rate for the Village of Zeballos (pop 126) as the City of Surrey (pop 585,000). So my rates are on a sliding scale, based on population.”

He promises “practical advice, peppered with anecdotes and experience, all delivered in what one client has described as ‘down home, street English...with the odd joke or quip thrown in.’”

He adds: “And I don't charge for ‘incidentals’ like meals. (Simply put, my clients don't need an FOI request to turn up the fact that one of their consultants billed them for a big steak dinner and a glass of wine. I'm happy to pay for those things myself on the days when I may want more than a salad.)”

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— Larry Pynn, April 19, 2023


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