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Statistics Canada tracks people moving to North Cowichan

Council should acknowledge changing community values

Have you seen the latest Statistics Canada figures revealing where the people moving to Duncan and North Cowichan are from?

It’s an interesting read, and it has implications for this fall’s municipal election. Local politicians would be wise to appreciate that we are a fast-changing community — and our collective values are changing, too.

The stats for 2019-20 show, in part, that 564 came from Victoria, 321 from Vancouver, 211 from Nanaimo, 74 from Edmonton, 66 from Ottawa-Gatineau, 58 each from Toronto and Calgary, 26 from Winnipeg, and 22 from Kelowna.

Since the last municipal election in 2018, the make-up of our community has changed even more dramatically — and that trend continues.


What does it mean for the Oct. 15, 2022, municipal election and major issues such as future management of the 5,000-hectare Municipal Forest Reserve?

If you asked all these people moving to our area what attracted them, I suspect they would list things like climate, nature (land and marine), viewscapes, recreation, perhaps also vineyards, foodie culture, and winding country roads.

How many would list municipal logging of our backyard?

As the consultation process continues into the forest reserve, it’s something everyone — especially our politicians — should keep in mind.

Click the following link:

Then go to "Geography of Destination" and type in "Duncan," then click "apply.”

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— Larry Pynn, Jan. 15, 2022

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